Journal Database Update

The Journal Database Update tool downloads the latest version of the journal database files from and saves them to your Temp directory. The most up-to-date versions of these files are then used during eXtyles Reference Processing.

Your eXtyles configuration may be set to update the journal database files manually, automatically, or never. If your journal database tool is set to automatically update daily, weekly, or monthly, you can still update the database manually through the About box.

If your configuration is set to never update the journal database, the option to update your journal database will not be available in the About box.

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How to use

To update your journal database manually:

  1. Click the About button on the eXtyles ribbon to open the About eXtyles dialog. 
  2. Click Update Journal Database to download and update your journal database files.

You must have the Bibliographic Reference Processing module for this tool to be available. You must also be connected to the Internet to use this tool.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are triggered by Bibliographic Reference Processing. When you run Reference Processing, eXtyles first checks to see whether automatic updates are enabled and the schedule for those updates (e.g., Daily, Weekly, or Monthly). Then eXtyles checks the date of the last update from a stored setting. If the date of the last update is older than the date prescribed by your update schedule, eXtyles will automatically run the update process before continuing to process your bibliographic references.

Regardless of your automatic update settings, you can easily check the date of your last journal database update in the About eXtyles dialog.

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