Author Processing

Author Processing automatically identifies and tags all sub-elements in the paragraph in your document that contains the author name(s). This tagging is used primarily for the production of XML directly from eXtyles. It can also be used to help compositors automatically identify author names that will be used in constructing running heads. Author Processing should not be run on documents that are not being exported to XML.

Be sure that you have completed copy editing of the manuscript before you run this process. Author Processing is designed to tag copy edited elements, not to automate copy editing.

How to use

When you have completed copy editing, select eXtyles > Advanced Processing > Author Processing. The author paragraph(s) will be tagged and highlighted. For example, the following author paragraph:

Ravinder Mamtani, Jr., MD* and Andrea Cimino, RN, DPM, Licensed Acupuncturist**

will appear in this form after Author Processing:

All components of the author line, except for punctuation and connecting words, are color coded. In addition, the author name components are styled with Word character styles such as au_fname or au_surname.

Character styles

Color coding is provided for proofing purposes. If a name is miscoded by the automatic processing, it may be correctly coded by selecting the character styles lists in the following table from the Word Styles menu. The following table shows the color coding and character style applied to each part of an author name.

PartCharacter StyleExample Text
AuthorNoneRavinder Mamtani, MD*
First name/Given nameau_fnameRavinder
Footnote linkcite_fn*
Collaborationau_collabfor the Biological Research Study Group (not shown in this example)
Roleau_roleEditor (not shown in this example)
Prefixau_prefixGen (not shown in this example)

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