Insert Tags

The items on the eXtyles Insert Tag menu allow greater control over the XML output. Note that not all of these tags will necessarily be available in your eXtyles configuration. Inera typically adds specifically required tags as needed. Contact if you believe that you would benefit from the addition of any of these tags to your configuration.

Any time instructions below call for an eXtyles Tag (tag names highlighted in bold) to be added to a figure, table, or text box, you must add the eXtyles Tag to the end of the object title. Adding it at the beginning of the object title will interfere with eXtyles processes to automatically assign IDs to objects during export.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Remove any existing tags around the content that you want to tag
  2. Select the paragraph or text string that should be tagged; if the tags should appear at the end of the paragraph (e.g., Figure Tags), put your cursor at the end of the paragraph
  3. Click the Insert Tag menu from the eXtyles ribbon
  4. Select the appropriate tag from the menu