Reference Lists

In a standard eXtyles NLM XML export, a reference list can contain a single title paragraph (e.g., "Reference Head") and references only.

Additional paragraph styles can be used to tag introductions to a reference list or annotation paragraphs for a specific reference. The “Reflist_Introduction” style may be used to style one or more paragraphs after a reference head and before the start of a reference list that introduce the reference list. It may not be used at any other location in a reference list. This differs from “Reference_Annotation” which is used to give additional information about specific references (typically in Review articles).

If you need to subdivide a reference list with subheadings, introduce the list with a paragraph of text, or add annotations to explain the significance of particular references, you will require additional paragraph styles and alterations to the export filter; please contact

If your publication includes both a list of references that are cited in the document and a list of references that should be fully tagged by eXtyles processing but are not cited in the document (e.g., Further Reading), you can use a "References" style for cited references and a "Bibliography" style for references that are not cited. Both styles must be used in the document for the Bibliography references to remain uncited throughout eXtyles processing.

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