Book Reviews

A book review manuscript should be activated with the Article Type specified as "book review" in the Document Information dialog. Once the document is activated, the bibliographic information for the reviewed work should be split into three paragraphs, one each for the reviewed work author, reviewed work title, and reviewed work publication information. These paragraphs should be styled with the styling palette using the "Book Review - Book Authors", "Book Review - Book Title", and "Book Review - Book Information" buttons on the Front tab, respectively (or their equivalents in your eXtyles configuration).

The following three paragraphs demonstrate styled and processed book review paragraphs (the style names are given in brackets). Note that character styles corresponding to author first name and author surname have been applied to the reviewed work’s author during the advanced process Author Processing.

This example yields the following XML:

<product product-type="book">
<person-group person-group-type="author">
<source>Evidence for population health</source>
<publisher-loc>New York (NY)</publisher-loc>
<publisher-name>Oxford University Press</publisher-name>
<size units="page">126 pages</size>

Note that eXtyles has automatically parsed the content of the Book_Review_Info paragraph into sub-elements during export. This part of the XML should be reviewed to confirm that the sub-elements have been identified correctly; please alert Inera at if this information is misparsed.