eXtyles Shortcut Keys

Different eXtyles processes include shortcut keys (or hot keys) that help you take advantage of extra functionality and maximize your efficiency. These shortcuts are listed below:



Hold Shift while clicking OK

Removes unused paragraph styles during Activation


XNext; go to the next paragraph without changing the style of the selected paragraph
Shift+X (or Shift+Next)Skip all paragraphs styled with the current paragraph’s style and go to the next paragraph styled with a different style.
VPrevious; go to previous paragraph
UUndo; undo the last operation (Note: The eXtyles Undo history is separate from the Word Undo history, and clicking into the Word document will erase the eXtyles Undo history)
WWith prev; merge the current paragraph with the previous paragraph
GNew pgraf; insert a return after the first sentence of the paragraph, creating two paragraphs from one
DDelete; delete the current paragraph
EscClose the Styling Palette

Table Styling

(none)By default, applies the specified style to an entire row (from the current cell to the end of the row)
Shift+[style]Applies the specified style to the remainder of the table
Control+[style]Applies the specified style to one paragraph within a cell at a time
Shift+Control+[style]Applies the specified style to one cell at a time