The eXtyles Auto-Redact function automates common, time-consuming Word edits so that editors and copyeditors don’t have to waste time making repetitive or minor edits. The Auto-Redact function automatically performs a complex set of text substitutions in a document to bring it into compliance with your organization’s predefined publication styles and standards.

Auto-Redact substitutions are based on user-defined rules. Your custom eXtyles configuration is based on detailed customer-specific information gathered at the time of installation. Rules related in some way to each other (for example, rules dealing with abbreviations of units of measure or rules that convert British spelling into American spelling) are assembled into eXtyles dictionaries. There are three categories of dictionaries:

  • General dictionaries, which apply to all documents processed by eXtyles
  • Publisher-specific dictionaries, which apply to all documents of a specific publisher
  • Publication-specific dictionaries, which apply to all documents of a single publication within a publisher group (e.g., to a single journal within a publisher family)

eXtyles automatically loads the correct dictionaries based on the document information you have supplied during the activation and normalization process.

Auto-Redact is not available in eXtyles NLM configurations. For more information, please contact

How to use Auto-Redact

To apply the Auto-Redact rules to a document:

  1. Select Auto-Redact from the eXtyles menu/ribbon
  2. Click OK to process the document. The dialog box similar to the one shown in the following figure will appear:

eXtyles will automatically make a backup copy of your manuscript. Having a backup copy allows you to use Compare to Baseline immediately after Auto-Redact to review the changes that are made by eXtyles.

Do not edit the baseline comparison file (or the baseline file itself). The baseline comparison file is just for you to use for comparison purposes. Always make your changes in the working Word document. If the document title reads Compare Result 1 and there are changes tracked in the document, you’re looking at a comparison document. If you want to adjust or reject one of the Auto-Redact changes, close or minimize the comparison document and make your edits in the working Word document.