What is eXtyles?

eXtyles allows editorial staff to automate editing, styling, and XML creation in the familiar Microsoft Word environment. It provides a bridge between editorial departments, which need easy-to-use tools, and production departments, which increasingly need XML for web, print, and ePub production.

eXtyles extends the functionality of Word by automating the formatting and structuring of documents derived from various sources and by enforcing specific editorial style requirements. It is an integrated suite of tools that simplifies the time-consuming and error-prone aspects of cleaning up, styling, and editing content. eXtyles enables users to:

  • Mold Word documents into a standard style 

  • Automatically edit references to a preferred style 

  • Check Harvard- or Vancouver-style reference citations 

  • Export valid XML from Word (JATS and other DTDs)

  • Improve editorial quality and cut production costs

 Every version of eXtyles offers specific editorial features as well as XML export options customized for each publisher’s unique workflow needs.