eXtyles Support

Technical support queries should be communicated to your organization’s internal eXtyles liaison (this person is usually chosen during User Training). He or she will then contact Inera and will be responsible for communicating Inera’s replies to the eXtyles users in your organization.

All technical support questions should be sent to eXtyles-support@inera.com, which will ensure that the question will be addressed promptly by a member of Inera's support team. Most support queries receive attention within one day of receipt.

You may also choose to create an account on Inera's support portal: http://support.extyles.com/support/home. Signing up is easy, and if you submit a ticket via the portal you can easily track its status, review past tickets, and keep your contact information up to date with the Inera support team.

If possible, please provide the following information when submitting technical support queries:

  • A complete description of the problem, including the eXtyles step at which the problem occurred
  • Your version of Microsoft Windows
  • Your version of Microsoft Word

  • Your eXtyles build number (this can be retrieved by clicking the “About eXtyles” button on the eXtyles ribbon)

  • Any relevant documents, including the working version and $base or $original files created by eXtyles during processing

Including this information will help us solve your problem quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

If you encounter problems while working with eXtyles, please check out the eXtyles support pages. Most common issues are described there.