Check Numbered Citation Order

Check Numbered Citation Order automates validation of the citation order of numbered (Vancouver) style references, as well as figure, table, and box citations. It reports problems when citations are found out of the correct order.

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How to use

To use the Check Numbered Citation Order function:

  1. Run eXtyles up through the Citation Matching function. Note that we do not recommend running Check Numbered Citation Order prior to running Citation Matching. Complete any appropriate cleanup.
  2. Select eXtyles > Advanced Processing > Check Numbered Citation Order. You will see a dialog asking you to select the bibliographic citation style used by the author. Select the appropriate style and click OK.

An alert is shown when queries have not been added to indicate that citation order checking completed successfully. If any problems have been detected, an alert will indicate the number of queries, or comments, inserted.

In some cases, if a large number of problems are detected, eXtyles reports only the first ten problems. After you have fixed these problems, please rerun the Check Numbered Citation Order function again.

Check Numbered Citation Order will not proceed if multiple references are found with the same number (e.g., two references with number 19 are found).

Check Numbered Citation Order may be run in documents with name–date (Harvard)–style reference citations to check the order of figure table and box citations. It will not report problems with name–date reference citations.