In a standard eXtyles configuration, a group of contiguous list paragraphs will be exported as a single XML list. Nested lists should be styled carefully to ensure that the nesting is reflected in the paragraph styles used. See the following example of a nested list:

This yields the following XML:

<list id="L1" list-type="bullet">
<list-item><p><bold>Extrapyramidal dysfunction,</bold> including one or more of the following:</p>
<list id="L2" list-type="bullet">
<list id="L3" list-type="bullet">
<list-item><p><bold>Classic form.</bold> Usually in first decade of life</p></list-item>
<list-item><p><bold>Atypical form.</bold> More commonly in the second or third decade of life</p></list-item>
<list-item><p>Loss of ambulation</p>
<list id="L4" list-type="bullet">
<list-item><p><bold>Classic form.</bold> Often occurring within ten to 15 years of onset</p></list-item>
<list-item><p><bold>Atypical form.</bold> Often occurring within 15 to 40 years of onset</p></list-item>

Note that the level-1 list L1 is not closed when the first of the level-2 list starts, and in the XML lists L2, L3, and L4 are nested within list L1.

By default, eXtyles does not include a <label> element containing the bullet character for bulleted lists (compare the numbered list shown below). 

Contact if you need the bullet character to be exported as part of the XML.

Multi-paragraph List Items

If a single item in the list is made up of more than one paragraph, a List Continued style must be used for the continuation paragraphs; otherwise, the subsequent paragraphs will be exported as separate list items. Also, if it is necessary to interrupt a list with a non-list paragraph, such as a quote, and then continue the list, you will need a specific paragraph style (e.g. Quote in List) to allow that paragraph to appear in the list without causing the list to end in the XML file and to restart after the interposed paragraph. See the following example:

which would yield this XML (note that <break/> represents the line-break character, which is retained in the <preformat> element):

<list id="L1" list-type="order">
<p>rs1799759 has variation as -/ACCAT, and rs3832852 has the variation as -/CCATA. If you put the variation in flanking context, the two different chromosome sequences are:</p>
<preformat>rs1799759 (-/ACCAT)<break/>C-----AG<break/>CACCATAG<break/><break/>rs3832852 (-/CCATA)<break/>CA-----G<break/>CACCATAG<break/></preformat>
<p>The deleted sequences above for the two refSNPs are shifted one base, so they remain separate SNPs. Currently in dbSNP, we do not have validation (freq or genotype) information for either of these two SNPs.</p>
<p>rs3832850 and rs35904656 are 5 bases apart in mapping, and are therefore distinct SNPs.</p>

Lists in Tables

Lists in tables should be styled using the appropriate list style, rather than using the table styles. You can apply the list style to a unique paragraph in a table cell by holding the CTRL key while selecting the style from the palette. For example, the following table uses a Table Body style for the regular cell content and the appropriate List styles for the list content:

Depending on your configuration, lists in boxes may require their own distinct paragraph styles to avoid closing the box in the XML file.

Tables that have no caption (typically used to align two or more columns of information) can be included in lists without special modification. "Floating" items, such as figures, tables, or boxes, should not be placed within lists in the Word file unless your configuration includes specific provision for them to be placed there.

It is possible to interrupt a numbered list with, say, a heading and then continue the list without restarting the numbering at "1". This requires used of the List Continued tag, described later in this section in the discussion of the Insert Tag menu. This tag is not included in eXtyles by default; contact if you think it is likely that you will need this feature.

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