Figures, Tables, and Boxes

It is not generally necessary to have separate paragraph styles for the number of the figure, table, or box and the rest of the caption. eXtyles will automatically separate the number from the rest of the caption paragraph, provided that the display item is referred to by a recognized name (e.g. Figure, Fig., Example, Illustration, Table, Box, Video, etc.) and a consistent character (e.g. period, colon) is used to separate the two parts (i.e. caption and label). Special allowance can be made for captions that span more than one paragraph.

For example, this paragraph in the Figure_Caption style:

Figure 8: Government social spending in China (percent of GDP)

would yield this XML:

<fig id="f8" position="float" fig-type="figure">
<label>Figure 8</label>
<caption><title>Government social spending in China (percent of GDP)</title></caption>

If you need additional terms to be recognized as the label for a figure, table, or box (e.g. "Photo", "Case"), please contact Inera at to arrange for these terms to be added to your configuration.

Learn more about setting up Figures, Tables, and Boxes:

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